Convergence Visionary Forum

The next Convergence Visionary Forum happens at:

RootWire Festival

August 16-19, 2012

Logan, Ohio


 Previous Visionary Forums~

Lightning in a Bottle

Memorial Day Weekend- May 24th- May 28th 2012  ~      Silverado, CA

ENVISION FESTIVAL  in Costa Rica, March 1-4, 2012

Tribal Convergence Visionary Forum is a Transformational Festival workshop offering which includes a hosted collaborative Visionary panel engaging participants in explorative conversations around innovative social models and generative systems of living in balance. Participants will get to hear and then share wisdoms around emerging tenets of healthy communities, new technology, right relationships, generative practices, and sustainable lifestyles.

Partnered along with the Visionary Forum is Tribe Talks-  A mobile, dynamic sharing video forum that encourages participants to contribute 3-5 minutes to voice their thoughts and ideas directly at events; to then be cataloged and posted to the TC websites for sharing with our global human family.


TC Visionary Forums were offered at Photosynthesis and Burning Man in 2011 and will be offered at Envision Festival in Costa Rica in March 2012.

Future Festival dates will be posted soon!