Visit the Tribe Talks Channel

Visit the TribeTalks Channel to View videos from TC EVOlution 2012.

TribeTalks is a small offering venue within a festival or gathering that will enable participants to present wisdom offerings to the community in an intimate and café like environment. TribeTalks will offer participants with short presentation windows of 3, 5 or 10 minutes.

A dedicated team of media gurus will be gathering your information, filming, cataloging, and posting the presentations to the TC online channel. The vision is to build a living, open, online forum and resource for TC participants to get our voices heard and our vision seen by the global human family!

In support of TribeTalks, we will be also offering a TribeThink area in the same space. This space will include dry erase or chalk boards and a Communities and Resources Map and corkboards for participants to post contact info and business cards – then associate it with your tribe and area of expertise. This is an beautiful opportunity for any TC participant share their gifts, get up and speak and create connections to others for co-creation.

This offering is brought to the tribes through a collaborative effort of the A.L.I.G.N Conference and BridgeWalkers.