How To Get Involved In Your Community

How To Get Involved In Your Community

ORGANIZE in your local community using different
methodologies such as consensus decision making, trade
guild models, community council meetings, neighborhood
board associations, etc. and strategize solutions for issues
that impact your region. Contact our Regional Activation
and Outreach Team for support and template materials.

DOCUMENT your dialogues, your achievements, your
challenges, your innovations and submit them to our
Community Resources page to add to our database so
that many can share in your lessons and wisdoms with
other conscious communities. Either video, blog, or write
us to share.

FORUM at an event or festival. This is a dialogue
format that engages event participants in a series of
facilitated questions and then archives and shares
the conversations. To become a host of a Visionary
Forum for an event you are attending, please write to

Facilitate the “GREAT RE-SKILLING” in your local
area- organize a database that lists what skills or trades
your community has to offer.

LEARN about sustainability practices, permaculture and
urban farming, local conscious community organizations,
facilitation skills, conflict resolution, creative urban
resources, alternative health care options, new paradigm
educational models. Check our Calendar for upcoming
events and our Community Resources for amazing
opportunities for growth and expansion in these areas!

SHARE your talents, skills, wisdom, passions by offering
to host workshops to your local community members-
even if it’s in your backyard for fee, trade, or free – teach
each other the knowledge we each carry!

SHARE aligned events that are happening within the
community in your region. Forward all event info to our

ATTEND a Tribal Convergence gathering as a
representative of your community.