How To Get Involved

How to Get Involved With the Convergence Network

Click HERE to view a list of the current evolution of our Areas of Focus, the Core Council
members currently holding those seats, their contact information and brief descriptions of their
roles in those seats.
If you would like to engage further and think you might be interested in holding a seat on the
Core Council, we urge you to consider which Focus Area ignites your passions the most and
contact the corresponding (or any) Core Council Member so that they might assist you in the
process of bringing this consideration to the council and stepping into your game.

Similarly, if you feel drawn to any of our Projects at any level of participation please feel
welcome to contact the Project Lead to learn more about how you might like to engage. We look
forward to weaving with you!

Learn more about the roles of Core Council & Project Leads

Skills & Roles We Most Need Right Now