Core Council Bio’s

Convergence Network Core Council

Our organizational model is built upon a council which operates with holographic governance, where our leadership is based upon collaborative engagement with a top-down and bottom- up informative approach to decision making.  Each core function of our organization is held by one or more council members who are both sovereign and co-creative in their leadership. We weave into the center to share collective intelligence and offer our gifts out to the collective through our services and projects.


  • Akira Chan~                            Conscious Media & Story Telling
  • Aokha Skyclad~                      Communications & Social Technology
  • Davin Infinity~                        Community Network Activation & Education
  • Deborah Dove~                       Community Network Activation & Education / Operations
  • Esteban Travilitto~                Advisory Council/ Sacred Commerce
  • Jamaica Jai Ma Stevens~    Network Weaving/ Alliance Partnerships
  • Jessica Plancich~                 Regional Leadership Activation & Outreach
  • Michael Tamwood~             Regional Leadership Activation & Outreach / LA Region Core Facilitator
  • Priya Mohan~                       Operations/ Relations / LA Region Core Facilitator
  • Raquel Hugo~                       Community Engagement & Spirit Relations
  • Samavesha Gayatri~           Advisory Council/Sacred Commerce

Akira Chan

 Akira Chan is a mixed race, mixed media visual artist raised in Southern California.  His multicultural background inspired an early call to explore culture and identity through travel, documentary filmmaking, and humble inquiry. Finding balance by mixing elements and creating juxtaposition, Akira is guided by the marriage of modern & indigenous, experimental & traditional, Eastern & Western, spiritual & political, ancient and future.
Akira’s ultimate intention for creating conscious media is to raise awareness of the current renaissance towards a generative, heart-based New Age. In following this vision, Akira has aligned himself in service to Elevate Films, Tribal Convergence, and other organizations providing stewardship for transformation and awakening. He sits as Conscious Media Co~Council for the Convergence Network. His current projects include;
A Journey into Transformational Festivals (link to trailer)
 Conscious Collaboration series: Default Evolution


Aokha Skyclad

 Aokha Skyclad (Betsy Cacchione) is a chameleon shapeshifter and finder of common ground. An anthropologist and linguist at heart, she has traveled the world in solo journeys delving deep into indigenous cultures and becoming welcomed family among countless diverse peoples. An adventurer extraordinaire, she devotes her life to helping each of us find and follow our passion and to promoting her ethic of the Nomad Academy: a program aimed towards the dissolution of fear and empowering the superhero within each of us to bravely become. She is a published author and co-founder of a not-for-profit organization in Arizona (Synergy in Symbiosis Nexus, Inc.) whose mission is to promote community, collaboration and communication through the sharing of resources, information and training. She holds the seat for Social Technology & Communications for the Convergence Network and finds it her own personal mission to try to maintain clear lines of communication throughout the network, both to promote transparency, inclusivity and community participation, and also to support an holistic evolution of this multi-faceted entity in which all of the parts are continuously mutually informed. An efficiency guru with endless experience at shaping and directing a smooth flow of operations, she brings her wide vision as a pattern seer and her strengths as a well tuned communicator to help weave the skills and gifts and actions of this nexus of potent activated leaders into an effortlessly humming system of informed interlocking spheres. She is also tracking and ever seeking new ways to improve efficiency in collaborative endeavors by seeking and supporting tools and practices which may increase our potential for resource sharing and cooperative innovation. Her favorite question to ponder is: “How can we do all of this amazing stuff even better and more easily if we do it together?”



Davin Infinity

  Davin Infinity is an award winning visionary designer / artist / filmmaker and an experienced creative guide on the Quest of transformation and human potential. His work is directly influenced by the many shamanic lineages and Mystery Schools he has studied under. Davin is also the founder of the Awakening Freedom Foundation – creating thriving solutions for a new earth culture in partnership with leadership organizations and human potential movements.  -  and –
The 3 areas of the Council Role for Community Service
• Community Skill Sharing  (Tools, Models & Practices)
• Land Based Communities (Built & Running, Under Develoment
• Community Service (Support Teams, Gatherings
On A Local Scale:
• Creating a database of leaders and experienced community builders in several areas in which a Tribal Convergence ally may need info, support or advice.
• The Tools available to get started ( example: Jonah’s “Activated Communities” Facebook)
• A list of communities and land development that needs volunteers, WOOFers and be hosting work parties.
• Creating a survey/questionnaire that allows people to find out who is the best person to talk to in our Core Council or extended network regarding the questions and support they need.
• The Emerging News of Our Local Convergence Network Tribe of Communities:  ( Kailasa, Timeless Solutions, Emerald Village, Atlan, Don Tipping’s land and the many other intentional communities formed or forming in our tribal network )
On a Global Impact Scale:
• To act as a network coordinator between the tools and relations that  the Intentional Community Organization ( & the Global Ecovillage Network has created over the last 30 years.
• How organizations like A.W.E, Green Society, City Repair, Living Mandala & One Community are creating models and tools open sourced for sustainable community development.


Jamaica Jai Ma Stevens

Jamaica Jai Ma Stevens is the Founder of Tribal Convergence and Convergence Network. As a mother, a healer, an artist, dancer, a community organizer, speaker, leadership trainer, event producer, and an earth guardian, she devoted to the path of authentic BEing, Visionary Action, and living in Right Relations as a member of the One Human Family. She is the co-lead of the Networking and Partnership Alliance council seat for the Convergence Network focusing on creating and stewarding partnerships with other aligned organizations and  individuals to continue to weave our collective Vision.
Tribal Convergence has been a journey into self and collective discovery. As we stand at a precipice of inevitable and necessary shifts in how we live, it is vital to remember and honor the wisdom of those who have come before and bring this wisdom into our innovative modern potential to create generative communities. Tribal Convergence and the Convergence Network have opened the pathways in my life, and the lives of many others, to explore how to live in right relation with the Earth, with each other, and with myself. We are a collaborative collective in service to the living potential of our individual gifts and offerings, cultivating our authentic truths, honoring the diversity AND commonality of each other, and empowering the leader within us all. We strive to be cross-cultural, inter-generational, inter-faith, and holistic in our events and projects. As I continue to be personally transformed by my stewardship of these organizations, it is my deep honor and privilege to be one voice learning to embody the vision of the One Human Family, united in peace.


Deborah Dove

  Deborah Dove Eudene is an evolutionary coach, transformational journey facilitator, whole systems thinker, eco-village ambassador, live and virtual event coordinator, entertainment lawyer, healing arts practitioner, yoga therapist, founder of Mandala Yoga, singer, and earth guardian.  She was also recently ordained as a minister by Rev. Robin Youngblood for the Church of the Earth Foundation.  Deborah is devoted to helping people reclaim balance in their lives and in the world, and has been immersing in the realms of health & wellness, transformational facilitation, social enterprise consulting, environmental sustainability, and regenerative solutions for over a decade.            


Jessica Plancich

Jessica Plancich is a spiritual social worker and connector of people.  As a reformed mainstreamist turned integrative psychotherapist, she brings over 10 years of individual, family and group facilitation and grass roots movement experience to the Tribal Convergence Family.  Deeply passionate about creating practical pathways to returning to all things wholesome and real, she practices these tenants as a founding member of the Emerald Village, an Eco-Village and intentional community in Southern California (the location of the 3rd Tribal Convergence gathering).  Here, she assists members to foster all things co-creative, co-llaborative and co-nnective.   She sits in the seat of outreach and engagement in this council- her efforts focus on relationship building, inclusivity and outreaching to a wide array of community sectors at grass roots levels to foster the kind of intimacy and truth that creates safe places for visionary ideas to land.


Michael Tam Wood

  Born in Tokyo, Japan, Michael Tam Wood moved to the Philippines and Singapore before coming  to live in California.  He began training in the martial arts at the age of ten and, after graduating cum laude with a degree in psychology, has since become a professional model, actor, circus performer, and business owner. His personal studies include natural medicine, quantum physics, cultural anthropology, comparative mythology and spirituality.  Michael is the co-council member for the outreach and community leadership seat for Convergence Network and the co-lead for the Los Angeles Branch of Tribal Convergence. His role is to support and activate community leadership and to create templates for seeding the TC/CN vision with other communities. 




Priya Mohan

Priya Mohan is a core facilitator with the Los Angeles Tribal Convergence Network and sits on the Operations & Relations seat for the Convergence Network. With a professional background in Human Rights and Immigration law, Priya has shifted her focus to Holistic Mediation, facilitating the resolution of conflict into conscious agreement with energetic sensitivity, compassion and awareness of power dynamics. Priya values and facilitates understanding of perspectives between our relations and restoring a balance and social harmony. In the course of social healing through law, Priya earned a certificate in Sound Voice and Music Healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Through the study of Indian Classical musical scales and ancient mantras, Priya has embarked on her own sound journey with her devotional project Avari Music. With Sound as her medicine, Priya integrates healing and energy practices into Council and Mediation, bringing harmonic resonance in the collective field, attuning our unity consciousness. For more information please see and