What is the Tribal Convergence Network?


The Tribal Convergence Network is a synergistic web of social architects aligning with conscious individuals and organizations to develop sustainable and generative whole systems design templates which cultivate harmonious alliances and collaborative interdependent communities.


We envision a globally accessible system of education, resources and tribal technologies which bring people and organizations together into a network of trust for the sake of a thriving, symbiotic, sustainable, and continuous cultural evolution.


Through web services, inspiring events, leadership councils, and alliance partnerships we are in service to educating and empowering communities to live in right relation with the earth and our global human family.


There are moments when all of the threads of experience from our lives weave into a cohesive tapestry.

When we can see the individual strands take shape and come together
to form a collective beauty, a unified expression of creation.

We are no longer fragmented in our efforts to create change in the world we live in. When we feel a part of something greater than ourselves we can activate the potency of emerging as a global community- connected to the whole system.